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Brand Partner Spotlight: Bailey’s CBD
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Brand Partner Spotlight: Bailey’s CBD

It isn’t every day you come across another brand that has such overlapping alignment of values and character with what we do here at Kono’s Kitchen, that it makes you go “Hey! We should work together!” It’s almost like that feeling when you meet someone and think to yourself, “I feel like we already know each other, friend!”

Well, such could be said about the amazing folks at Bailey’s CBD for pets in Costa Mesa, CA.

What is Bailey’s CBD For Pets? 

Bailey’s CBD for pets is a pet wellness brand based in Orange County, named after their pug dog, Bailey, and are known for making the very best quality CBD pet products. Their unique product lines of veterinarian-crafted products include:

  • CBD dog treats for longevity, calming, and mobility support
  • CBD oils for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Paw & nose balms
  • Hemp pellets for horses and livestock
  • They even make a ph balanced CBD pet shampoo for pets with sensitive skin

Upon meeting them at a pet expo event in the city of Brea, a suburb in Orange County, we knew we struck brand friendship gold! And an opportunity to cross promote between our audiences and mutually help doggos everywhere with our wellness and natural focused products. 

But first, standard protocol was deemed necessary: 

Will Kono like their CBD pet products? 

We got an assortment of their CBD chewables for hip & joint support and calming to put them to the taste test. Immediately, I liked the fact that they have Bailey the pug’s face on the packaging, and that they’re grain and soy-free. It’s also notable that they are cold pressed soft chews that aren’t baked, so they retain all the good active ingredients. 

And sure enough, these high quality CBD gummies for dogs are Kono approved!✅

Kono is predisposed to hip issues by breed, so it’s good to know there’s a local brand that makes quality products for mobility support.

The same quality assurance taste test was done for their team. Bailey’s CBD co-founder, Aaron Argueta, got a bag of each of our freeze-dried raw treats (chicken, beef, and salmon) for his dogs, Mr. B and Bertha, as well as his partner, Jay O’Keefe’s pug Bailey and Bengal cat Mia. Sure enough, Kono’s treats were established as a favorite treat of the pack, and a staple to the Bailey’s CBD family!

So much so, that they reached out to us to purchase Kono’s treats wholesale to sell at their own storefront in Costa Mesa, CA. As a fellow minority-owned small business, we were thrilled to be able to work together as a brand partner at their small pet supply store!

>>>Kono’s Kitchen on<<<

Is Bailey’s CBD A Trustworthy Brand? 

Bailey’s CBD is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy brands in the pet CBD industry, and is driven by quality products that help thousands of pets all around the world. Their products are formulated with a respected veterinarian partner, Dr Robert J. Silver, DVM, and every batch is 3rd party lab tested for quality assurance, so you know you’re getting the content labeled on the packaging. You’d be surprised how many supplement and CBD wellness brands short their active ingredients without customers even knowing! It’s terrible, and many times it causes a product to be ineffective and people to lose hope in quality assurance.

Bailey’s CBD is surely loved by the pet community, backed by over 575+ verified reviews on Trustpilot from real customers, with a 4.8/5 star brand rating. That’s impressive, considering themselves only have a 4.0/5 star rating for their own website. Bailey’s CBD is even international—they were the very first U.S. based pet CBD to be imported to Japan in 2020, and are currently the #1 distributed pet CBD brand in Japan.

 >>>Check out their Bailey’s CBD Japan website here.<<<

Other fun facts about Bailey’s CBD: 

  • They offer free local same day delivery on their website on orders over $40 within 25 miles of their Costa Mesa HQ
  • They offer same day curbside and local pick up options at checkout on their website for the locals
  • They have a mobile app on the apple and android App Store. >>>Get it here<<<
  • Bailey the pug is 11 years old
  • Their single-sourced full spectrum hemp extract is stamped USDA organic, and small batch grown in Boulder, CO
  • Bailey’s is also distributed in Panama, and Puerto Rico

Calling all locals! Make sure to give them a visit at their HQ store here in Costa Mesa, CA, and follow both of our pages on Instagram to hear about pop up events where you can find us next!

Bailey’s CBD For Pets HQ Store

2930 Grace Ln, Unit J

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Store hours: 

Open 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday

>>>Follow Bailey’s CBD on Instagram<<<

>>>Follow Kono’s Kitchen on Instagram<<<

To wrap things up, I’d like to pass along a special deal that our friends at Bailey’s have given us to offer our readers 25% off on their website. We all know how important it is to choose quality products for our pets, which is exactly what you’ll find with Bailey’s CBD pet products. So make sure to use code KONOS25 for 25% off at so you can get the best deal on the best quality CBD to help your furry companion!

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