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A collection of articles on dog training, nutrition, and dog care tips for when you don’t know what the f*ck you’re doing as a dog owner.

Should My Dog Be Muzzle Trained?

It's time we changed how people view muzzled dogs.

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Common Household Items That Are Toxic To Pets

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month—do you know what's potentially dangerous to your dogs that's lying around your house?

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A Guide to Leave No Trace Hiking with a Dog

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and that means being responsible for more than just keeping your dog's poop off of trails. Read more to find out what else!

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My Biggest Business Mistake So Far

"Don't tie up your money in inventory," they all said. Did I listen? Of course not.

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How to Build Engagement with Your Dog on Walks

Red Light Green Light is not just for elementary school gym class anymore.

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Reinforcement Types in Dog Training

There are many different reinforcement types and the right one for you depends on your dog.

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How Important is Timing Your Rewards in Dog Training?

Are you actually rewarding the behaviors you think you're rewarding?

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Consistency is Crucial in Dog Training: Here’s How to Make Sure You’re Doing It

Is it stubbornness or is it you? Read more about how consistency in language and actions can make a difference in your training.

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The World is On Fire and I Launched a Business

I didn't plan to launch a business in the midst of a global pandemic or raging wildfires. So now what?

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